Carol Annette White had just finished enjoying another awesome service in the home church that they had been members of for as long as they were married.
Almost ten years had passed and she and her husband still attended the church where they had met and married. Her husband had already taken their two oldest sons Timothy and Anthony out to the car. And as, she usually did, she stopped to socialize with some of the congregation members.  She held tightly to her youngest son Rodnee’s hand. Just before she got to the door, a man she vaguely recognized called out to her.
“Mrs. White, I know you’re probably in a hurry, but I feel compelled to have a quick word with you.” He said. “Yes, and what might that be?” Annette asked looking down and gently shaking her son, to still him. She shushed him to warn him to stop fidgeting like he had to use the bathroom just for a moment longer. She didn’t want to seem rude to the gentleman talking to her.  “Stand still,” Annette ordered. “Can we make this quick? My son is getting anxious.”
“It’s OK, Ma’am. I get it…I get it.” The man repeated. “Mrs. White, I just wanted you to know that the Lord put it on my heart to tell you that, soon he’ll be blessing you with a gift you’ve always wanted.
“Oh really. Did he tell you what that blessing was? Or what it is; should I say?” Annette wondered.  “No, but it became clear to me while talking to you right now. Mrs. White, you have a beautiful blessing in store. And you don’t even know how great a gift that blessing is going to be. But you will, oh trust me, you will.”
The man smiled generously, nodded his head and walked away, leaving Annette feeling a little perplexed. She couldn’t for the life of her come to an understanding of what he possibly could have meant.  All she knew was when it came to messages from God, you just don’t question it. Sometimes the messages seemed cryptic, but, they always revealed themselves over time. You just need to keep the faith and watch the evidence unfold.
Shortly after the message, about 6 months or so, one of the family’s happiest moments came.
The birth of their three sons had been wonderful, but the unexpected arrival of their daughter made their family circle complete.
Annette had always wanted a daughter to teach the lessons that her Mother had shared with her. And Momma always said that having a daughter was God’s way of ensuring that your words and life would go on forever.  Tello and Annette White had their daughter Wendy Carol White on January 11, 1976. Brown skinned like her father, astonishingly beautiful like her mother, she was and the pride and joy of their hearts.
But, just as she was a source of joy to some, she was the bane of envy to others. Her brothers, felt a little slighted sometimes because of the attention she got. Especially Rodnee, who felt misplaced because he was no longer the baby of the family.
Wendy was adored and spoiled, by her Dad and older brothers. And her Mother was never seen pretty much anywhere without her.

It was no secret that the White family was in love with serving God, and believed highly in the power in the name of Jesus Christ. Sunday morning church was the way that the White children were introduced to the word “mandatory.”  Annette always attended church with little Wendy in her arms, from the moment she was born, without fail or exception.
She wanted to be sure, that no matter what happened, her children would always carry the power of Christ within their hearts. And she also wanted them to know without a shadow of a doubt they were children of God, covered by his blood, his grace, and his mercy.

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