Seven-year-old Wendy was sound asleep, when her brothers Timothy and Anthony burst into her room.
Even though she did hear them come in, she was successfully ignoring their commotion. “Get up, sleepy head, Mama’s coming to clean your room and get you dressed.” Timothy shook her shoulders violently through the covers.

“She ain’t getting up, Ant.” Timothy looked over and said in a frustrated tone. “I can see that.” Anthony agreed sarcastically.
“So what you think we should do?” Timothy looked at Anthony standing at the foot of her bed. Anthony gave him a slight nod, flexed his arms and pantomimed pulling her to his brother.

Timothy joined Anthony at the end of Wendy’s bed. Timothy stood poised ready to grab one of her ankles and Anthony positioned himself to grab the other. They smiled at each other as they moved in unison to pull her from under the covers and all the way to the end of the bed.

Their laughter rang out and joined in with her frantic screaming. The combined noise got the attention of their Mother as she smiled in the kitchen knowing that the wake-up crew had done their job once again.

“Okay I’m up…and…I’m telling mommy.” Wendy shrieked, running down the hall. This sideshow had been a morning ritual since she was about five years old. She always threatened to tell, but she knew it wasn’t worth the time that it took to tell. They would just be back there the following morning for a repeat performance.
And she sure didn’t to want make them mad enough to try to get even for the trouble they’d get in, either.

“She’s up, Mama.” Timothy yelled from Wendy’s room at the end of the hall. “I’ll be there in a minute.” Annette yelled back from the kitchen. After Annette helped Wendy get dressed, the little girl hurried to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth, while her Mother straightened up her room.

Wendy watched in awe, less than an hour later, as Annette sat playing the piano at the local nursing home. Even though she didn’t understand why they went there every week, she loved watching her Mother doing the magic of making music come out of the piano.
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