I have been born again almost twenty years. I am an ordained, called, and anointed evangelist who has been ministering for several years. My faith is a rejuvenating one, and I dedicate everyday of my life to sharing that faith, along with my love of God with everyone who crosses my path.

No matter what I am going through, and despite the hard times I have experienced–I never give up the opportunity to let the world know how good God has been to ME. He saved me from death several times, He saved me from destruction, He saved me from poverty, loneliness, and homelessness. To show just how much I appreciate all God has done for me, I am ready to give back and bless those who may also find themselves in some of the same situations, and feel like they have no way out or nowhere to turn. I especially love ministering to young women who are searching to find their way in this world.

So, by donating to Wendy Key Ministries, you will be helping me help many souls who have lost their way find Christ again, and get back on the right path. So, Sow-A-Seed today, help me help others to find Christ, know Christ, and be empowered.  As the bible says it is better to give than to receive, and anything you have to offer whether it be $5, $50, or $500 will be greatly appreciated and put to great use–in Jesus Name!!!!


You Can’t Beat God’s Giving!

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