Wife, mother, evangelist, author,  publisher (Sisterhood Productions LLC) and motivational speaker Wendy Key is a native of North Carolina.

Wendy Key is a name synonymous to many of these words: “powerful, life changing, inner healing and deliverance.” A successful wife, mother, author, Evangelist, and Publisher, Wendy Key, delivers a message of Jesus Christ that leaves her listeners in pure awe and hungry for more.

Wendy is the author of several books. Some of her titles include “Love Overboard: 101 Tips to Great Love and Marriage,” “101 Tips to raise Great kids” and “101 Power Prayers.”  2017 releases will include Wendy’s testimonial “THRU the FIRE”,  “101 Powerful Confessions”, along with her first recipe book, “Jump on the Veggie Train”. Mrs. Key also helps many others write and publish their books.

“It’s not my words, but the words of my Father in heaven that make my books and sermons powerful. I am just doing the work that God has anointed me to do, and I love working for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.” 

Wendy Key has also traveled to several different countries including, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Japan, Hawaii, and Guam, all in her thriving effort to spread God’s word.
“I am proud to be a born again Christian. There is nothing like being a child of the highest God.” 

Wendy has a Monthly Women’s Prayer Group in Greenville NC for location & more information you may email the ministry at WendyKeyTv2016@Aol.com or KeyFamily2010@Hotmail.com for more information.


I am proud to be a born again Christian. There is nothing like being a child of the most high God. Growing up I was raised to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny as well as the tooth fairy.  I really believed that Jesus was just another fairy tale. It was later in life at the age of 22 that I decided to give Him a try.  I invited Jesus Christ to come into my heart as my Lord and Savior. I looked up to heaven and said, “If you are real change me, I need your help. I am tired of living my life like this.” I was into the club scene and it was getting really old after a few years.

When I invited Jesus into my heart I did not feel a change right then, however, I knew that something was different. Things didn’t change overnight; I still had a horrible cigarette addiction and so many other addictions as well. At the time I wasn’t married so it was very hard for me to accept the new me. I prayed to God and asked Him to help me break the addictions. I looked up to heaven and asked the Lord, ” How can someone have so many addictions and still be saved?”  The Lord showed me over the next several weeks that there are some things in the spiritual world that will hold you captive and keep you in bondage.
 I began reading my Bible like never before, I started fasting and praying. One night I was lying in my bed and I happened to be watching a spiritual broadcast on the Trinity Broadcast Network. On this particular program they were casting out demons and this was very scary to me at the time. They started describing how sometimes demons can hold you captive to certain addictions, so immediately after the ministry was over I said the prayer. After I said that prayer,  I could feel things leaving me. I felt my body shaking, although, I was halfway sleep.  I had a dream that I was in some clear water that was purifying me.  When I awoke the next morning the sky was bluer, the air was clearer, the trees were greener, and I could tell a difference in me.
After this experience my friends and family began to see changes in me.  I ran into old acquaintances and they noticed that my face was shining bright with a glow.  Those things that I used to do I didn’t do anymore. The places that I used to go I didn’t go anymore and I no longer had that nasty cigarette addiction.  My mouth had been cleansed and I didn’t use the vulgarity I had been speaking before.  All the people that I had a problem cutting off in the past were instantly resolved through changing my number and contact information. I lost interest in the people from my past that were my sin buddies. We had nothing in common anymore. I began to realize that when Jesus steps in, He helps to cleanse you. He will make a way out of no way. So I encourage you today that if you are not born again, saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit, give your life to Jesus Christ. You don’t always have to have everything right when you come to God because he will transform you into a “new creature”.
(2 Cor 5:17) 

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